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Social Media


We work with our clients to increase the total number of prospects and customers that have liked their Facebook page. Every social media marketing campaign is unique to each client, and we focus on leveraging existing assets that will deliver the highest ROI.


The number of LinkedIn connections is the most important element of the social media marketing strategy for LinkedIn. We help our clients connect with some of the most connected users on Linkedin. This allows them to virtually contact any decision maker on the network.


One of the primary goals of our social media marketing campaigns is to increase the total number of Twitter followers to our clients. The number of followers that a company has can influence everything from the conversions ratio of the site to how long a visitor will stay on a website. We use a variety of social media marketing techniques and strategies to increase this number.


The biggest ROI producing video marketing technique is YouTube SEO. YouTube is the number two search engine behind Google, which means that it is bigger than Yahoo and Bing. Our proprietary process allows us to have our client's videos show up first in the search results for high converting phrases on YouTube.