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Application Consultation

If you have heard about a software package that sounds interesting and possibly useful, or if you have an unmet need and are looking for an application to fit the bill - we can help.

If we are not already familiar with the package or application area, we will research it for you using our resources. Since we are accustomed to reviewing software applications, we are quick at identifying the features and their true ease of use and effectiveness.

We will then help you to make the best, most informed decision about selecting the application that will meet your needs at the best price available. Then, if you want us to, we can install the software and help you get started.

1) Discuss your unmet need and what you are looking for in the application.

2) Research applications using our resources.

3) Identify the best packages based on their features, ease of use & ability to meet your needs.

4) Advise you on the final selection of the application.

5)Install the software and provide initial start-up.